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Welcome To Temporary Residents

First off, a MASSIVE THANK YOU from both of us, for checking out our blog! Really, it means a lot to us so thanks for stopping by!

How It Began

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

For years we would escape our cubicles for two weeks at a time, leaving our bosses to worry if we were going to come back or not. There was only one thing that kept us from escaping forever, that beloved paycheck. We get it. Getting paid regularly is great. But one day while bored at work, something dangerous happened. WE GOT AN IDEA! …

It may sound too simple but it’s true. You have to start with that first step. One night we simply wrote down what was needed to make traveling full time a reality. We looked at what was needed and began forming a plan for how to go about satisfying each requirement. With a plan in front of us, the dream suddenly seemed possible.

In 1953 Yale did a study. As the graduates received their diplomas and walked down the stair to leave the stage, they asked each graduate if they had written down their goal for after they left the institution. Only 3% of the students had done this. Yale followed up with those same students 20 years later and found that those 3% had accumulated more wealth than the other 97% combined. It’s not about wealth, it’s about goals. Clearly define your goals, list what has to happen to achieve them, and then figure out a way to make it happen. Take time regularly to make sure that you’re on track. This will help keep you focused and make sure that you’re using your time efficiently.


We Moved

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

We already had some experience creating websites and editing audio and video. We started scouring the internet for opportunities of online work that we were qualified for. When an online position for an audio editor presented itself, we didn’t hesitate. It took nearly 2 years of building up enough work but one day we did the math and we knew we were ready.

Our friends were happy for us and our families began to think of things to worry about. The owner of the store where we bought our wine cried a little but everyone knew we were passionate about traveling.  We had been planning and dreaming of doing this for years and now that our dream was becoming a reality. We sold nearly everything we owned and we have one suitcase each for all of our worldly possessions!


Who’s Lance?

Musician / Podcast Producer

I’m / I’d / I’ll …
Cajun / make the drinks / forget your name but not on purpose

I ride …
Coin-operated kiddy ride at the supermarket

I only dance to …
Theme song from Jeopardy

I eat …
Whatever doesn’t eat me first

I drink …
H2O without CO2

I prefer …
Playing Bass

I would bring …
Crisco to a Twister party

Let’s see … How would I describe myself? Jesus look-a-like? Complicated but simple. Smart but dumb. Contradictory. I’m someone who knows no limits. I love music, nature, ice cream, cereal, and Chinese food (not necessarily in that order.)

Who's Mimi?

Podcast Editor / Blogger

I’m / I’d / I’ll …
Greek / not be where I am today without coffee / drink to that

I ride …
In the shopping cart

I only dance to …
Salt-N-Pepa, “Shoop”

I eat …
Macrons and anything vegetarian

I drink …
For better digestion …riggght, that’s it

I prefer …
Crunchy peanut butter over creamy

I would bring …
A hammock

Always learning, trying, failing, trying again and enjoying the small stuff. I love music, anything that makes me laugh, Mexican food, macarons and singing in the shower (not sure if Lance enjoys the last one.)

Meet The Fuzz

Box Inspectors / Sleep Experts / Yogis

They / They’d / They’ll …
See dead people / rather be riding a dog sled / never do the dishes

They ride …
In Sleepypod Air carriers

They only dance to …
Thrash metal and Barry Manilow

They eat …
All the time

They drink …
Schnapps, but only on weekends

They prefer …

They would bring …
Cat nip

We love staring contests and if you get caught looking away, we think you are weak, and an attack is likely to follow. We love sprinting at light speed out of any room you enter and really enjoy hiding in dark places and watching you.

Let's Be Travel Buddies

Mutual Weirdness Forever

We met at a wedding. My brother was marrying Mimi’s best friend from high school and from the first stages of the wedding plans, our family and friends began to conspire for us to meet.

“She’s just like you!” I was told. “Why would I want to meet that?” was my reply. It was exactly the same for her. “He’s just like you!” she was told. “Why would I want to meet that?” was her reply. It turns out we were very much alike. We clicked right away and when Mimi told me that I should be her travel buddy, I knew I was hooked. We talked on the phone for hours, every day for 3 months, and visited each other every weekend until we knew it was time. Los Angeles and Las Vegas is only separated by a 45-minute flight or 4 hour drive but it wasn’t close enough. I convinced Mimi to move to Los Angeles and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Wandering Bard

About Lance

I was born in a little town 20 minutes from New Orleans. Between grades K-12 I attended 11 different schools, mostly in Louisiana but also in Colorado, Florida, and eventually graduating high school in California.

Stability was never my thing. Growing up, I was always the weird new kid, so I would spend most of my free time reading or playing music. After high school I went to Musicians Institute in Hollywood for a year before moving back to Louisiana. Getting bored I spent a few years in Manhattan and Lawrence Kansas before moving back to California, when my band got signed, to start a one year tour. After losing 3 drummers, the band broke up so I stayed in California for a while before deciding to move back to New Orleans. I was there one year before Hurricane Katrina convinced me to move back to Los Angeles. I started working at the studios as part of the construction crew for various T.V. shows and movies. I eventually ended up at Disney Studios and stayed there until becoming one half of Temporary Residents. Today I work online as an Audio Editor, Podcast Producer, and Composer.

Dolphin Impersonator

About Mimi

Mimi was born in Las Vegas. She grew up there during a time when Vegas was far less family friendly than it is today. Boredom and trouble were a daily part of life for kids growing up there and Mimi was no exception.

It’s probably what led to the adventurous spirit she has today. At the traumatic age of 16 her Mom moved her to New Orleans. She pictured it as being mostly farmland so was horrified by the prospect until she got there and discovered Mardi Gras. She learned important things like what it means when you’re asked if you want your sandwich “dressed” or when you’re told to park in the “neutral ground.” She lived in New Orleans for a time, Dallas for a while, and eventually returned to Las Vegas for a couple of years before we met. She moved to Los Angeles and worked at Disney, in cubical bliss as a Procurement Analyst, before becoming the other half of Temporary Residents. Today she works as an Audio Editor and Web Designer as well as managing many of our travel details.

Life On The Road

Our daily lives, in a different way

Our goal at Temporary Residents is not to tell you how to travel. That should be completely up to you and shaped around what you like. There is no right or wrong way to travel. Our only goal is to entertain and hopefully inspire you when you scour through the endless list of people’s personal travel blogs. We hope that the length of our stay in places can help with some small amount of insight into the places we’ve been. It’s usually only after being somewhere at least a month that we start getting treated as anything other than a tourist. Not that being a tourist is a bad thing but in most places, tourist have become so common place that the locals stop trying to connect with anyone in anything other than a superficial level. Who can blame them? Most of us are there for a very short time and then we’re never seen from again. It’s not their fault. I think it’s a defense mechanism that any human being would develop in their situation.

Barcelona was the first place that we stayed for longer than 2 weeks and the first time we ever noticed a change in the way we were treated. Don’t get me wrong, people have usually been very nice in our travels. People tend to treat you the way that you treat them unless they’re in the service industry. Then they must be nice to you even if you’re a bastard and even that could have its limits. No, what I mean by people started treating us differently was just a small change. After about a month of seeing us frequent their café, or shop at their store, people started to realize that we were going to be there for a while. They had no way of knowing how long but they would at least let down some of their guard. They would start opening up to the idea of taking a little bit of time to get to know us. It would at least start a conversation and from there it was up to us to make the effort and hope that they would reciprocate.

Living like a local doesn’t make us better than anyone. It doesn’t make us better at traveling. It only allows a small crack to appear in some locals when they see us hanging out for so long. Its allowed us to make a few friends in places we never thought we’d have friends. Most of the time, living like a local has meant doing the mundane things that we all have to do when we work, shop, and participate in any way as part of a community. It’s not a glamorous thing. It’s just living your life somewhere else for a while and trying to experience what we all do in our daily lives, in a different way. We hope you follow along and enjoy the journey. Mostly we hope you’re inspired by what you see and seek out your own adventures. Maybe one day we’ll meet out there and share tales of adventure over a nice bottle of wine. We certainly hope so.

Wanna Know More?

If you have any questions or wanna know more about us (such as where to send delicious treats), then send us an email via our contact page! 🙂