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Hey, We’re Lance & Mimi,

We quit great jobs at Disney to become digital nomads, sold everything we owned, and moved to Europe with two cats.  It was the kind of decision that would give a financial planner nightmares.  It was foolish and irresponsible.  So, of course we did it.  And we can honestly say it has been the best decision of our lives.  Was it scary?  Sure it was.  Did we realize that this is not the smart decision your parents raise you to make?  Of course we did, but hey, they tried.

We’ve gotten to see a lot of interesting places and experience some cool things.  No amount of scouring the internet, trying to research a destination, can prepare you for the unexpected experiences that will happen to you along the way.

Life can be a crazy ride if you let it happen.  Temporary Residents is a blog for those in need of the inspiration to see the world or to take the plunge, sell it all, and make exploration your life.




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